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The "Before" Photos

15th June 2006
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Rear of the house showing lean-to (left) and old coal-hole (centre) to be demolished


The "coal hole"

Inside looking at downstairs loo "coal hole"

Temporary boiler plumbing - to go!

Inside the lean-to

Lean-to from the front through the gate

View to the front from inside the lean-to

Old kitchen

Old kitchen - note temporary giant noodle cooker under hob in place of oven

Old kitchen

View to the garden from study - this view will become the extension

And again

Doorway from hall to old kitchen (right) which will change

2nd spare room. Most of this junk has gone by the time of publishing.

The plaster didn't want to stay.

View of garden (and abandoned ex-piano) from 2nd spare room, this will become view of extension roof

Temporary study in "Sandra's Room"

This chimney breast is going.

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