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Week 3, Day 2

4th July 2006 - more internal brickwork and complete independence (geddit?!) from our kitchen
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Everything including the kitchen sink! Apart from a mattress.

The prop's gone

Piano and mixer don't seem to be talking any more... that didn't last long

Something's missing here...

Oh-ho! What's been going on through there?

Total removal of kitchen, that's what!

No sink! Hurrah!

No manky cupboards! Hurrah!

No more dust curtain (which didn't work anyway)! Hurrah!

Even more no manky cupboards! Hurrah!

Aha, so that's where the appliances have gone

Class bit of old wiring - not

Upstairs - oh! The carpet is now an ex carpet.

That's what was missing - all those blue brick thingies.

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