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Week 5, Day 1

17th July 2006 - A 2CV finally arrives; The skip lorry buggers the pavement; hello new cloakroom ceiling; bye bye nasty garden fence
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At last! I thought one would never turn up!

The skip is ready for it! However...

One buggered pavement. Thank you very much Mister Skip Lorry.

You can't tell how deep this impression is from the photo - a good 4 inches.

This is the result of the skip lorry driver deciding that he could lift two FULL skips at once...

...on a tarmac pavement in 35 degrees C of heat. Idiot.

And he's parked the empty on on top of the bricks

How I've had to leave the site to avoid someone getting injured

Oh and we can't get to the front door any more either. P45 being prepared I should hope.

On the bright side - new cloakroom ceiling

Doorway left open so the visiting kitchen consultant could see to measure up. Handy noose there, for buildings inspectors and skip lorry drivers ;-)

Nasty old garden fence gone, and that horrible climbing weed nonsense along with it.

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