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Week 7, Day 2

1st August 2006 - Building starts!!
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I don't think THAT is builder's rubble!

Bricks and sand, yum yum

Hole where the cat flap used to be

Bricks and blocks!

All set out for building

Start of soakaway

End of soakaway! That's what the big hole was for

Looking good

Extension has to be built so it can move relative to the house, or rather so that the house can move, because this extension is going NOWHERE

Holes in wall where pipes used to come through brick, ready to be made good.

Mains points going into kitchen

More mains points in the corner

The kitchen door from the inside of the kitchen - it now has a jamb of sorts

Wiring for our hastily specified alcove lighting

View from the hall to the kitchen door

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