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Week 14, Day 2, International Talk Like A Pirate Day

19th September 2006 - Galley fittin' be started, various other bits and bobs be done. Yarrrrrrrr!
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Yarrrrr! These scurvy dogs have walked the plank!

Pointin' be finished

Lookin' ship shape

New galley light oak doors and black ceramic gas hob. Shiver me timbers!

Looks like galley fittin' be started...

...and it be! The units against the hull 'ere be fitted.

Utility room floor be done, plumbin' be ready for the boiler

And the ceilin' be done too

Floors now be same level

Dead wall plate be fixed (nearly - there be a dodgy gunwale)

Shiny new radiator. Splice the mainbrace!

There be bits of galley everywhere!

They even be in the head!

Double stove for galley and galley mate

This, ladies and gentlemen, be the Le Mans magic corner. Yarrrrr!

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