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Mucking about with new digital camera

Just bought a Canon Powershot A95, still getting used to it.
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Cropped macro picture of coin. Bit out of focus at the top, but manual focus used and no flash despite being indoors. White balance adjustment for tungsten lighting works a treat on this shot - not a hint of yellow.

Sandra's cat, Digger. A sod to photograph. This is the best of about 20 shots of him I tried to get that evening.

Digger again, with evil laser eyes. Note to self - don't photograph cats with the flash turned on...

Dan in the Waterloo. Alex took this. Red-eye reduction is turned off in this shot.

Alex in all his high-resolution glory. Red-eye reduction off again.

The popebanana in full swing. A bit overexposed and quite noisy (check out the so-called "black" areas on the high-res image, particularly Pete and Vic's fleeces), probably too high an ISO number. I look forward to being able to compose this sort of shot using manual settings.

Silly Christmas lights, 2nd December for heaven's sake. Santa climbing a giant illuminated penis to enter your bedroom. Yeah right. Again too noisy, auto-scene settings using too high an ISO number.

Comparison of the effects of ISO setting: top image = ISO 50, bottom inage = ISO 400. Very grainy at ISO 400. Both images taken without flash using tungsten light balance.

All images copyright Ian Black 2004

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