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The Bone Idols

The Bone Idols at The Good Intent, Horndean, Friday 8th April 2005
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Julie without flash

Julie with flash (and Simon's thumb)

Jon - has someone just stuck a bhaji up your @rse?

Jon and Julie

Jon looking serious

Simon looking anything but serious

Julie looking sparkly

Er, the curry house

The Bone Idols! Modern haircuts all round. Where's the rock and roll, John?

Band in full swing

The lighting rig.

Aerial view of bassist

Drums from above! No, that's not a Shooting Stars sketch.

Singer and rhythm guitarist

Lead axe-man

Action shot

Adam, Alan and Simon

Clockwise from left - Adam, Julie, Mads, Simon, Alan

This old geezer was touching her up all night - lucky sod!

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