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GBBF 2005

The Great British Beer Festival, August 2-6, Olympia
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The view from the staff bar. Of course.

Another view from the staff bar

The view down the hall. From the staff bar.

Sold out!

This is how seriously we were taking it

And them

Bristol Fighter in the showroom around the corner

Little Ron dressed as Kim!

The trainees, led by Vinay, give their thanks

More trainee speeches

And the ceremonial replacement of the L-plates with "recently passed" versions

Wee Derek gets more than he bargained for

The Bar Managers' Mallet Dance in full swing (geddit?)

The utter chaos that is the Bar Managers' Mallet Dance

Staff bar. Which we hardly ever left. Except to go to the Britannia. Yes that is an inflateable Dalek.

May I have this dance, Colin?

Och is that the time? Ah have tae go fondle a cow right now...

Rob finds a couple of stewards to dance with

Hey Colin, Buttercup has arrived!

Aye that's better!

Moosic maestro please!

Ewan realises a vetinary ambition

Meanwile Colin has left Buttercup for pastures new

Poor Welsh Dragon - that's one busted knee.

But the painkillers are working, by the pint

That should do it...

...hey look, I got half a pint out!

Jo: are you going to ask me to marry you? Buster: nope, I'm just reading your t-shirt

Yep, it's time to go home

All images copyright Ian Black

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