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CAMRA National Members' Weekend

2005 National AGM/Conference/whatever, Glasgow
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In the hastily assembled at the last minute members' bar

In the members' bar, note strategically positioned Southampton Beer Festival poster

More members' bar

Members' bar

The food stall at the hastily assembled members' bar

P-J and Tony "don't tell anyone" Waters

Roger the Cabin Boy (centre)

P-J, Veronica and Andy

"Psycho" Keith, Marc and Laura

Keith Marc and Laura again

Andy and Laura

John Swingler, Kim (facing away) and Andy

Ralph (left)

The bar after chucking out



Mick "I don't do that any more" Bolshaw

No idea

Er, a street in Glasgow. George Street, to be precise.

Silly road name - or is it a scandal of some sort?

Silly bar name!

He was in for the weekend but never made it to the bar.

In the Horseshoe Bar

Andy, Karen, Graham, Mick "I don't do that any more" Bolshaw in the Bon Accord

Rob will enjoy this

Keith & Andy

In the Bon Accord

Terry (left), Squatter (in blue), don't know who the others are.

The bar in the Bon Accord

In the AGM - Bob Jones is spouting his stuff at great length (Paula: "he always talks like that") Pat O'Neill is mounting the stage with a dagger.

Only kidding.

The National Executive. No calendars are planned.

Geoff Strawbridge. Several glaciers melted during this speech.

Marc "Goliath" with the 12th member of the NE.

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