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Skiing holiday, New Year 2004/5

The Boris-Johnson Challenge! Ski to as many mountainside restaurants as possible.
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Top of the Pas Du Lac gondola

Vin Chaud at Pas Du Lac

Anne and Neil

Vic being very smiley, and so would you if you had another 101 days' holiday left :-)

Lunch stop at Cotes 2000

First and only Erdinger of the holiday

This one was packed so we didn't stop


Found this one eventually!

The rumm is almost bigger than the chocolate!

Group in Le Choucas

Shocking dayglo romper suit!!

Pisten Bully makes a useful ski rack

Packed again - didn't stop

Bouc Blanc - last stop of the day before skiing back.

Survivors' drinks at Pub Le Ski Lodge

All images copyright Ian Black 2004

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