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Skiing holiday, New Year 2004/5

Moosepig, Pete, Vic, Alex, Dan and Anthony ski the Three Valleys based in La Tania
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Speaks for itself!

3-hour transfer from Lyon to La Tania by bus

Finally arrived - we head drekly to the Pub Le Ski Lodge

Alex, Dan, Vic, Anthony on Loze Est heading into Courchevel

Pouring beer after a day's skiing is a serious business

Alex in typical pose

It's snowing!!

View of La Tania from the pub

Bottom of the FolyŤres blue run as it comes into La Tania

Dinner at the Telemark Hotel on Casey's night off

La Tania at night

Relaxing in the Taiga bar after dinner - Alex, Sarah, mystery man and Casey our chalet host


The obligatory argument about where we went today

Chocolate stop on way over to Val Thorens (1st time)


St Martin 1 gondola and St Martin 2 chairlift above St Martin De Belleville

Lunch stop just outside Val Thorens

Ski park

Top of the green run into the town

Our chalet boot/ski room

New Year's Day. Hangover. First ever black run in France. What hangover??

Verdons restaurant, site of the first snowHeads meet of 2005



Alex didn't make it onto the slopes on Jan 1st ;-)

Check out the full-res version of this shot, in particular the letter "Olympic Village" bottom right

The ceremonial burning of the Christmas Tree

First cut up your tree...

Then shove it on the fire...

Add a little chalet furniture...

Light blue touchpaper and stand well back!

Then go for a shower

Casey enjoying the warmth of his ex-Christmas tree

Last day - over to Val Thorens and back

Two of us baled out early for Margueritas :-)

Anne-Marie the cocktail guru

Boston Stranglers - I mean, Shakers

Long Island Iced Tea

The guru in action

Er - we had a few

Bloody Mary time!

Lyon Airport check-in. It's a desolate place, but you've got to smile.

Richard, our Neilson rep from Belle Plagne 2003, with Kirsty our rep in La Tania

Er, a Boeing 757-200. We flew on it. Eventually.

Sunset over the wing

Sunset behind the wing while banking right

Cattle class. The cabin staff serve scalding hot liquids for us to pour over ourselves. Why do they do that?

All images copyright Ian Black 2004

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