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Skiing holiday, New Year 2004/5

New Year's Eve. Chalet, Taiga bar, fireworks in La Tania and back to the Taiga until gone 3am
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Pete takes call from his mum. A look not far removed from exasperation!

NYE meal in the chalet Chocolat. L-R: Casey the chalet host, Anthony, Anne (RAF), Neil (RAF), the teachers (Ian, Andy, Ann, Heather), Alex, Dan, Pete, Vic. Moosepig behind camera.

Warming up in the Taiga

Better start on the weak stuff

Neil with a drink nobody wants to steal

Anne-Marie pulls pints delightfully

Until the beer runs out

The warming up continues apace

Nearly midnight - better get dressed for the fireworks!

Courchevel doglet






Back to the Taiga. Hi Anne-Marie!

Glen who doesn't remember he was there, and Casey

Statement of intent. Well, we had given him the next morning off.

I think Alex wants another drink.


Neil and Sarah

Uh-oh, the dancing has started


Flying visit from Plastic Penelope

Kirsty and Anthony

I have no idea who these people are but they enjoyed being photographed

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