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Puy St Vincent

Skiing in Puy St Vincent and surrounding area, January 2006
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View from the hotel restaurant window at breakfast on the first morning

Alex with hot chocolate and the proprieter's bottle of rum in a small mountainside cafe next to the bottom of the Combe Du Bois black run in Pelvoux

Stop that! That's silly! ;-)

Failure to organise a piss-up in a brewery! The brewer - brother of Luc Alphand, downhill skier and Paris-Dakar winner - was absent.

A tree outside the hotel bar. Chairlift in the background.

Oliver with helmet

Nuff said!

11am chocolate break in the cafe at 2000m (ish). Dan is chatting up a couple of beauties ;-)

Visibility outside. That's the bottom of the Roch Noir draglift, a.k.a. Air France.

In the cafe

Sign warning of the danger of getting your head sliced off by the piste basher winch cables

Champagne and Kir Royale reception for the BSCD (British Ski Club for the Disabled)

Jean-Louis, the hotelier, in full flow

Various BSCD people

BSCD dinner table

Dan's birthday dessert. Make a wish!

It's SNOWING!! :-)))

See? ;-)

Cribbage is a very serious game

Olly outside our hotel room, Dan just emerging from his. Talk about easy access to the slopes!!

Terrace of our hotel and the new Station 1400 express chairlift "des pres". It's not a massive walk!


Bunch of random people

The chairlift

Puy 1600 buildings in the distance

A random skier

Romper-Suited Tossers hunting in a pack.

Looking up the green run into 1400

The hotel in sun

Looking up from the bottom of the blue run into 1400 (left under the lift) and red run (centre)

Olly is delighted to be given Bandit B3s to try out for a day but cannot hide his total lack of colour coordination

Vic on blades; Myk almost on Vic's Bandit B2Ws.

Look mum no poles! ;-)

Snow. And mountains. Yes folks it's a skiing photo.

People coming off the top of a ballbuster - sorry, drag lift. From the right: Anthony, Myk, Vic, dunno, dunno.

More snow. And mountains.

Olly ponders his next bit of mincing.

The main bowl - playtime!

I'm leading. I think Dan is waiting somewhere down the bottom... ;-)

Olly the poirate - yarrr me hearties! Oh well, it was more convenient than wearing his helmet to eat lunch.

Us at the Gite De Tournoux

Those people in the background ate all the potatoes and all the decent desserts. Ratfinks!

We went here via an off-piste trail. A new piste is planned... shame.

This proved to be wipe-out corner with arriving skiers

Come on in the snow is lovely

Oops, I got spotted taking the photos ;-)

Got enough salad, Olly?

Er, mountains. And station 1400 down the bottom.

You can just about make out the distinctive arches of the buildings in Les Pres (centre and right) and our hotel complex (left)

This piste is all Pete's.

Outside Mo's (La Goulou) in 1600

The amazing crazy Mo with Myk

Alex bought a couple of bottles in Calais on the way home!!

Back to blighty - straight down the Waterloo for nosh and, apparently, telephone calls.

All images copyright Ian Black

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