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RAGCS Christmas Meal 2005

RAGCS and guests hit the Lone Barn for Much Merriment
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Our banqueting table

The Lone Barn's festive interior

The crew in festive mood

Help! I'm deaf in my right ear!

Mel turned up to join in the fun. Hi Mel!

Bal the Scrum Master with Scum Cap on ;-)

John drinking BROWN BEER! And enjoying it!! [until later when it had its revenge - Ed.]

Simon playing with his gadget

Sally liked the dessert, not so sure Paul was as impressed

Our lovely waitress

Wolfy, er, wolfing.

Matt with something odd.....'s some of Wolfy's cooking!

Roger with bubbles (that's not a pet chimp)

Chris with Paint Your Own Gnome

Jon with LP and Little Britain talking mug

Steve with mindbending stuff

Ooooh, I wonder who this might be from? Hint - Simon walked across the office with it in broad daylight earlier that morning!

Jacob with equipment for being under attack

John with impossible puzzle

Sally with golf club warmer (I think!)

Mike with rugby ball

Wolfy with something to keep him quiet on those long winter nights

Present of the day - Matt with The Five Minute Hair Stylist plus accessories!

Neil with some old man's games ;-)

Simon with car related stuff, of course

...and the book of Complete Crap!

John with something cerebral. Bit much for a bassist I'd have thought.

Me with pub games

Bal with, er, ...

...that! Whatever it is.

Paul with Bullseye game. "Let's have a look at what you could have won!" ;-)

Howard in ratures at something battery-operated. It's a torch.

The Boss...

...someone knows him too well!

Paul with backgammon set

Robbie with Alan Ball book

Alan with, er, is that pocket billiards? ;-)

Sat with whisky

Jacob about to come under enemy fire

In full night vision mode

Beer goggles?

The mug works!! ;-)

Jon testing the night goggles

Howard, don't you think maybe you've had enough?

Matt: "so anyway, in the new year I'll be resigning."

Me Julie!


Skiing types in the Jolly Sailor

Me and Me Julie

The Boss and Me Julie. Those smiles sum up the day, a great time was had by all.

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