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Reading Crawl

Pub crawl around the Good Beer guide pubs of Reading, 9th April 2005
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Pub 1 - The Hobgoblin

Pub 2 - The Monks' Retreat, with impressively correct apostrophe

Pub 3 - The Butler

Joint social in the Butler - Ian, Alex (south Hants), Val and Hannah (Surrey-Hants borders)

Pub 4 - The Allied Arms

Pub 5 - The Hop Leaf

Pub 6 - Great Expectations

The bizarre interior of the Great Expectations

Pub 7 - The Retreat

We did it! Pub 8 (that's EIGHT, Jocelyn) - the Fishermans Cottage, sadly devoid of any apostrophe whatsoever.

Pub 9 - back to the Hobgoblin

Food!! Nepalese and very yummy. Bog roll in fridge...

Er, pub 10 - The Waterloo Arms, Southampton!

All images copyright Ian Black 2005

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