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Martyn Joseph at The Brook, 12th December 2004

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MJ on stage at The Brook. Plus a couple of old dears at the front. And the obligatory back of someone's head that you always get in gig photos.

The old dears and the mystery head are still there.

Bit of motion blurring here due to no flash and long exposure time.

Taken with flash. Settled for long exposure times and motion blurring!

Camera shake, huge motion blur... but one of my favourite pictures!! MJ's a real headbanger ;-) Glorious colours, check out the full-res version.

Lovely sharp picture - but ISO 400, so quite grainy.

I mucked about with this in Paintshop Pro. Probably shouldn't have!

Same as previous image, but gratuitously Paintshopped :-)

All images copyright Ian Black 2004

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