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Christmas 2005 in St Anton

Skiing trip to St Anton with Danny, 23-30 December 2005
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Yummy snow. Valluga cable car station on top of the mountain

Gorgeous conditions

Cloud in the valley

These spoilt the view a bit

Top of a chairlift. The Arlenmaehderbahn, I think.

Stephan Eberharter needs his Rauch. Apparently.

That bloke wasn't supposed to be in shot!

Sunbathing. In St Christoph. In December!

The restaurant in St Christoph with a slide to go down to the loo

St Christoph

The run coming down into St Christoph

View from near our chalet

Our chalet is the centre part and right hand side of this building. Sleeps 39 people!

St Anton town, church in centre

Looking towards Nasserein

Sun on mountain

Rendl gondola

We're way above the cloud here :-)

Cloud in valley

Er, more cloud in valley.

Off-piste itinerary R14, which we did by mistake. It's a lot steeper than it looks!

Dan on R14

Bottom of R14 - pisted snow is in sight!

The restaurant on the R1 red run back down to St Anton from Rendl

The valley west of St Anton

Part of the red run R1

St Anton from R1

Restaurant with R1 coming down behind it

Inside the Krazy Kanguruh (sic)

Heidi, in Pub 37. Zwei Bier bitte!

Snowmaking at night

St Anton at night

Heh heh!

Tasteful!! You really can buy this stuff in St Anton.

St Anton church at night

The infamous Mooserwirt apres-ski bar

Inside the Moosey

Amazing beer waiters carry these trays around through packed crowds. 3 people in foreground are from our chalet - Frank (11), Helena (14), Toby (dad).

The Moosey in action!

The Moosey in action!

The Moosey in action!

The Moosey in action!

The Moosey in action!

The Moosey in action!

The amazing beer waiter again. Oh and Dan's there too ;-)

I'm sure they're here somewhere....

....or maybe over here....

....perhaps I left them over here!

Darkness. Alcohol. Skiing back to St Anton from the Mooserwirt with both of the above. What larks!

All images copyright Ian Black

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