Sarisbury Athletic Cricket Club Statistics

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Honours Summary
All matches, Firsts, Sarisbury Athletic CC, 07-May-1988 to 01-Sep-2018
Statistic Name Club Figures
Best Batting Average H Majid Sarisbury At 93.50
Highest Score H Majid Sarisbury At 230
Best Batting Aggregate M Journeaux Sarisbury At 6053
Best Bowling Average S Freemantle Sarisbury At 4.00
Most Wickets S Bayliss Sarisbury At 214
Most Wickets in Innings T Banks Sarisbury At 7-50
Most Catches S Orr Sarisbury At 110
Hat Trick P Jewell Sarisbury Athle 1
Hat Trick J Hill Sarisbury Athle 1
Highest Innings Score SACC 1st XI Sarisbury At 372
Lowest Innings Score SACC 1st XI Sarisbury At 49

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